Xdobo Rabbit Earbuds QCC3040

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Product Name
Bluetooth transmission radius
Channel type
two-channel stereo
Frequency range
Support decoding format
Support protocol
Charging current
Headphone battery capacity
Charging box battery capacity
Charging port
Headphone charging time
Music duration
6 hours per time
Standby current
Standby time


Q1.What is your warranty?
A1.Our warranty is 1 year free repair after delivery, We pay high attention to after-sales service.

Q2.Is sample order available?
A2.Yes, it’s available.

Q3.What payment method do you accept?
A3.For samples, we accept WESTERN UNION, Paypal, Alipay, or BANK T/T in advance. For OEM order, accept Bank TT.

Q4.How to ship the goods to us?
A4.For samples order, usually delivery by carrier like DHL, TNT, FEDEX etc; For bulk order, usually ship by air or sea.

Q5.Can we have our logo to be printed on the units or packaging?
A5.Testing samples for functional valuation, Only normal packing and XDOBO Logo printing. For OEM order, we can print on product & packaging with your authorized logo.

Q6.Can I be an agent of your brand?
A6.Yes, of course. We always welcome to cooperate with a good agent.

Comparison of Qualcomm chips 3020 and 3040:

1: Power consumption

3020 is about 6-8 mA, and the power difference between the main and auxiliary ears is 20%-30%; 3040 is about 5 mA, and the power difference between the main and auxiliary ears is about 3%. (Customers will think the headset battery life is not enough)

2: Signal

3020 transmit power is 10, sensitivity is 93, 3040 transmit power is 13, and sensitivity is 97, which is a big improvement

3: Sound quality

Compared with 3020, 3040 has more detailed performance, better left and right separation, and more powerful bass

4: Transmission method

3020 is the traditional tws transmission mode, the main ear is sent to the auxiliary ear, the main ear is switched to the auxiliary ear, the phone is disconnected, and the 3040 adopts the monitor mode, and the main and auxiliary ears are switched without any disconnection.

5: Game mode

3020 does not support game mode, 3040 has a dedicated game mode, almost zero delay

lossless sound quality

Enjoy aptX studio-level sound
Deep and percussive bass, clear and distinct vocals and treble

The remaining power is0-25%, and the first LED light is on;

The remaining power is25%-50%, and the 1.2th LED light is on;

The remaining power is50%-75%, and the 1.2.3 LED light is on;

The remaining power is75%-100%, and the LED light is on;

Comfortable Wearing

Semi-in-ear shaped earbuds support long-time wearing without any discomfort.

Single earbud battery capacity: 35mAh

Charging box battery capacity: 400mAh

Wireless Earbuds offer up to 7 hours playtime with single full charge, while the charging case extends that to 24 hours.

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