life membership card



Q: What kind of content product is this?

A: Lifetime membership card is the core paid subscription product launched by Xdobo. It is only limited to 100 members. If you are interested in our speakers and headphones, you will not be disappointed with this product.

Q: What benefits will it provide?

A: First, you will get all the products published on the xdobo website, including (17 speakers, 2 headphones), Total value exceeds $1800 (including transportation and taxes).
Secondly, future new products of Xdobo will be delivered to your address for free as a lifetime membership gift.

Q: What other benefits can I introduce?


We already have many product videos on youtube. If you want to start a business in an online store or a local store, we will CHOOSE & PICK from 100 lifetime members and provide 100% HELP & SUPPORT

  • Bulk supply

Our xdobo group has long-standing relationships with domestic and international Logistics company and are experienced sourcing and transporting product by marine, rail, truck. Offering in-depth marketing analysis and superior logistics, Global has the flexibility to help you react to an ever-changing marketplace.

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